Spiritual Psychology
Spiritual Psychology
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Spiritual Psychology

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Author:  Mulla Sadra Shirazi

Translator: Latimah-Pervin Peerwani

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What is the soul? How does it develop? How does it relate to the body? With his unique multi-disciplinary approach, Mulla Sadra approaches these timeless questions through the lens of his transcendental mystical Islamic philosophy. Psychosomatic diseases, life after death, metempsychosis, and the reality beyond this world are all explored here.

Spiritual Psychology is a translation of Volumes VIII and IX of Mulla Sadra’s monumental work al-Asfar al- Arba‘ah (The Four Spiritual Journeys). Studied in depth in many seminaries, al-Asfar al-Arba‘ah is a pivotal work in Islamic philosophy and a fascinating excursion into the depths of the divine reality and the human soul.