For a Better Future
Abdul Adheem al Muhtadi Al Nahrani

For a Better Future

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200 questions and answers regarding the concerns of the youth, marriage, and children.


Does this culture, the author asks, lead him and those around him to the pleasure of Allah SWT? To answer this fundamental question, the author has posed 200 questions related to the needs of the youth, marital life and happiness and children of today as adults of tomorrow. Each question is answered in some detail with practical suggestions as to how to tackle problems that may arise in these three areas.

140 Questions are related with the matters including husband-wife relationship. This is the section that deals with questions that arise in everyday marital life and cause strife and breakage of marriages. 60 Questions are devoted to children of today specially in an alien environment who are under pressure from various sides. The answers to these questions are enlightening, deep and detailed and they are given from various angles: religious, secular, psychological, medical and cultural.åÊ

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